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The LJ Community

The Original Maple Story Community!
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Some Useful Links:

How to make a livejournal cut. - This will be your best friend, and probably a godparent to your kids.
Search Function. Look for old entries.
Memories - an ever updating archive of what goes on in maplestory
Live Chat - A Java based live chat.
Hidden Street - Global/MapleSea Database.
Maple Tip - Global/MapleSEA Database.
Happy Mapling - Global/MapleSEA Database.
Sauna - Translation of Data.WZ. Includes items from all versions of Maple.
BasilMarket - Maplestory Buy and Sell
MapleStory on GameFAQs - Guides, Forum.
Florina Beach - Global/MapleSEA Forum
Sleepwyood - Global/MapleSEA Forum.
Cursed Sanctuary - JMS Forum, HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE.
Avatar Creator - Japanese Avatar Creator.
Avatar Creator - 2 Handed Simulator. Also in Japanese.

Other Communities

badmaplestory -- Defaming, Rants. Inappropiate stuff that doesn't belong here.
maplestoryjapan -- Trying to find something JMS specific? Try here.
maplestory_euro -- Want to make EuroMS friends? Questions? Try this community.
shtms -- for when you just feel the need to curse out maple, and all it entails.
maplestory__ic -- Maplestory in-character. A day in the life of..

Moderators: Heidi: kial
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